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Welcome! At Balanced Yoga we strive to facilitate a nurturing environment where individuals can explore the potential within themselves. With each breath, each pose, and each moment of mindful presence, we encourage our students to rise above limitations, to heal from within, and to embrace their journey with newfound strength and grace.



I had always wanted to try yoga, but was scared that I was too out of shape or not flexible enough. My first class with Balanced Yoga was so fantastic! Michelle helped me with positions without making me feel like I was failing, showed me how to modify when needed, and guided us through some wonderful breathing and meditation moments. I left with my mind feeling lighter, my spirit more peaceful, and my legs most definitely feeling the workout!


Michelle is so amazing! I am not the fittest or most coordinated person, but I wanted to try Yoga to stretch my body and to learn to relax my mind. Michelle walks you through each piece of the lesson, modifying it to fit your abilities. I have learned to really focus on my breathing in tune with my positioning with her guidance. I truly cannot say enough about how great I feel after each session mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whether she is leading class or accomadating you in a private session, her mediations for the day are always just what you needed to hear. She is very good at what she does. I love Balanced Yoga and would highly recommend it, whatever your fitness level!


Balanced Yoga was such a great experience! Throughout the class I was able to concentrate on breathing and strength training all while feeling relaxed and at peace. Great workout!   

Allison Moore

Michelle is a wonderful instructor!  Her classes are a perfect mix of strength and stretching with adjustments for all levels.  I also really like the meditation at the end, it leaves me feeling very relaxed and refocused. 

Mallory Hillicoss
Lora DeBord
Jenny Thorup

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